If one is well versed with the world of gaming and online casinos, one of the few things that they are bound to come across are bonuses, waging requirements and play-throughs. Many of these terms being technical, are not accessible to public understanding. In this article, therefore, we try to decode the meaning of no deposit bonuses, wagering requirements and also try ascertaining whether no deposit bonuses are worth the hassle.

What Are No Deposit Bonuses?

Also called one of the simplest forms of casino bonuses, the no deposit bonus is an extra pay package that needs no prior depositing. If one is registered as a real player with account details and other verifiable documents, all one has to do is accept the money that the casino is offering. There is no need for any extra deposit on part of the user. The bonus is normally credited to the user’s account automatically and if not, then one has to lay claim on it by means of an email or a submission form on the casino website.

The only thing that one must keep in mind while opting for this bonus option is that sometimes such bonuses have a cap on them. That means the money that one can withdraw is limited and cannot exceed a certain amount. Despite the fact that a ‘no deposit bonus’ does not need any prior depositing, there are still some instances where one has to follow certain wagering requirements. In the next section we take a look at what wagering requirements are and how they work.

Wagering Requirements Explained

Possibly one of the most confusing and conflicted area in the gaming world, wagering requirements or play through can be quite difficult to grasp initially. However, in order to simplify the process, we work through some of the details that such a procedure entails.

The best way to explain a wagering requirement is through a simple example. For instance, suppose one needs to play their deposit and bonus 40x before cashing it out. In this case, the casino will accept a deposit of $200 so that one can receive a bonus of $200. At this moment, though, one must wager this $400 at least 40x before considering cashing out or withdrawing any winnings.

The wagering requirement, therefore, is the minimum amount that one must play with before claiming or withdrawing any bonus. As with every aspect of gaming, some casinos might set some conditions regarding the wagering amount that should be followed carefully for successful gaming.

Cash Bonuses vs Free Spins

When it comes to different bonuses, some players are always left in the lurch as they wonder which is of better use to them. In this section we compare the ‘no deposit casino bonuses’ and free spins in order to form a better understanding of the merits and demerits of both.

The decision as to which bonus should be claimed actually depends on the gaming preference of the user. Those who prefer online slot machines normally tend to gravitate towards free spins while the no deposit bonuses are favoured by those who wish for larger opportunities and more freedom when it comes to gaming. The real difference between the two, however, lies in the wagering requirements that are set and though the no deposit bonus offers greater freedom it normally comes with a hefty set of preconditions. In the next section we take a look at whether no deposit bonuses are really worth the hassle.

So Is It Worth the Hassle?

As we have discussed above, a no deposit bonus might seem very lucrative but they come with their share of tough conditions. One of the most difficult criteria to fulfil in the case of such free bonuses is the wagering requirements that are set. In this case, one has to complete the wagering before laying claim to any winnings. It is for this reason that many gamers have found that the ‘no deposit casino bonuses’ do not always lead to greater monetary gains. As a matter of fact, some might even opt against it as the price of the bonus- in terms of wagering requirements- far outweighs the benefits of the free bonus.

In the arena of online casinos, the one thing that everyone should practice is a careful reading of values and conditions. The biggest pitfall of many gamers is that they tend to glance over the conditions without paying much attention. Doing so can be severely harmful and it is due to this that a thorough understanding of the instructions is necessary for successful gaming.